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Dr. Foots shows you how to SCREEN YOUR FEET!

Sensation threshold screening using a 10 gram monofilament(also known as Semmes-Weinstein monofilament)
1. Use the 10g monofilament to test sensation.
2. The sites to be tested are indicated on the foot diagram below.
3. Apply the filament perpendicular to the skin's surface ( see Diagram A).
4. The approach, skin contact and departure of the monofilament should be approximately 1.5 seconds duration.
5. Apply sufficient force to allow the filament to bend ( see Diagram B).
6. Do not allow the filament to slide across the skin or make repetitive contact at the test site.
7. Randomise the order and timing of successive tests.
8. Do not apply to an ulcer site, callous , scar or necrotic tissue.
 Diagram A
Diagram B
The circles represent the places on the foot to test with the monofilament   
Consider your feet to be "at risk" if you cannot feel the 10gm monofilament at any of the sites marked.


Caring for your feet is easy if you follow some of these simple tips. Many of you will be able to avoid getting a foot problem. But if you do get a foot problem, do NOT take it lightly. See your doctor at once. Prompt treatment can heal your foot problems.

Remember, give an "inch" to your diabetes foot problem and it will take a "foot"!

Your feet are in your "hands"

Take good care of them and they will last you a lifetime!

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